Learning to Learn about Teaching to Learn

The next stage of my own learning journey is towards a Doctorate. The research working title is "The Role of the Teacher in relation to children's Personalised Online Learning" and this research is essentially all about exploring the influences upon the behaviour of us teachers in facilitating genuine personalisation of online learning.

I believe that for something to be personalised, it has to be done by the person on the receiving end, otherwise, it's just differentiating under another name. BUT, for us teacher-folk, trying to jump through the exam/league table/inspection hoops, taking the risks of changing our behaviour to enable children to personalise their own learning is a bit of a challenge (to say the least!).

So, this research will hopefully un-earth some ideas about how we can do this - confidently, securely, safely, and with a positive impact upon the qualilty of our own, and our student's learning.

Will be keeping this research on a very special Blog (called Personalising Online Learning: Choice, Discovery & Empowerment)

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Extending Learning Opportunities: Beyond the Classroom & Beyond the School Building

Having led the strategic development of my own school to sustainable excellence evidenced through Outstanding Ofsted & Multiple Awards, it's time now to support and other schools, authorities and practitioners so that all children have the opportunities to benefit from the transformation that ICT can provide.

Becta Excellence Award 2007: "Ranvilles Infant School’s impressive strategy is to work from what is important for the pupils in terms of their learning. The enthusiasm and dedication of the staff is outstanding. The leadership team is strategically very aware and has built ICT into all levels of school planning. This is a great team effort! Children at Ranvilles are very enthusiastic and confident in using technology to support their learning and always keen to try anything!"

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